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Our Shops

The major exhibit,
“The pink house at the south exit of Porto Vecchio”, yes, pink, like the coral! (from Japan). This was dared in 1980, but it was a change and gave an original aspect to the building, which was however, new and in no way out-of-the-ordinary. Everything is housed there, the office, workshop and display room, with a large parking lot.
The display room, which in 2005 was enlarged and underwent a makeover, consists of a main room where the jewellery and gems are exhibited, facing the entirely glass-enclosed workshop, a space reserved for fantasy, and underneath, a gallery for sculptures and decorative objects… 

Address: La Taillerie du Corail, Route de Bonifacio, sortie sud. 20137 Porto Vecchio.
Tel: 0033(0)495 70 21 21


In season
Located in the old Porto Vecchio, the shop is called “L’Or Rouge” (Red Gold). Yes, this oh! so precious coral is called red gold! This site, located in the street leading to the Saint Jean Baptiste church at Porte Génoise, is an eclectic boutique where coral holds the prime spot amid seashells, decorative objects, Chinese antiques, gathered while travelling - artistic pieces often fashioned by far-away craftsmen...

Address: Or Rouge, 10 Rue de la Porte Génoise. 20137 Porto Vecchio Tel: 0033(0)495 70 21 11 32


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